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Bellow are some of departments at Alfa.







What Our Clients Say

Meesage from our Clients.

  • "I had a problem which I firstly thought there was no solution to me, but when I came to Alfa Specialised Medical Clinic, They proved me wrong. I cannot believe I fine now. Thank you Alfa Team".

    Moonga W. Stephen


  • "A good place to be ever, a proven proficient place ever, experts proven place ever. It is Alfa I have so far Come to know as a highly organised Clinic ".



  • "I just heard of you guys some time back, but I could not place it in my mind until the only option was just to try you. Oh!! what I saw was more than what I heart. You served me well treated me well and you are equiped with Hospital machinery and a good team of Specialists. Congratulations!!! Alfa team".

    Said Mfutakamba

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Medical Services

There enough services with us.

Emergency Help

Experts is found in our emergency team.

Heart Surgery

Well prepared and enough Cardiac team.

Emergency Care

For those who comes as an emergency find there attention in here with the most specialise emergency team.

Dental Care

This is another unit which is dedicated just to make sure all possible care is taken to bring you back to your smiling sate.

Individual Approach

We are keen to understand every individual's need at there proper time of their need professionally.

Qualified Doctors

A team of qualified and specialised Doctors is ever available at the point of need.